Making Your Idea A Reality: Rapid Prototyping Services in Minneapolis, MN

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Taking an idea and turning it into a functioning product requires a lot of trial and error and troubleshooting before ending up with the perfect design. Making that product successful also often requires investors, licenses, and insurance policies. At Thomas Engineering Company, we provide rapid prototyping services in Minneapolis, MN so you can better understand and present your idea in 3-dimensional form.

Prototyping is a long-cultivated process that inventors from Leonardo da Vinci to Nikola Tesla and Rudolf Diesel have used to perfect and study their concepts. If you want to present your idea to an investor or customer, having some form of physical prototype will help you appear professional and serious about your design trajectory.

At TEC, we can take your idea, whether it’s a few drawings, a crude prototype, or a CAD file, and work with you to turn it into a polished prototype that you are satisfied with. Our prototypes are made from the same materials we use for our other products, and you will get the same strength and flexibility from our metals.

Our prototyping processes use precision metal stamping technology that can work from  .001” to .125” and are capable of standard and interchangeable tooling, so you can avoid additional tooling charges you might encounter with other prototype engineering companies.

If metal stamping or our standard prototyping procedures don’t fit your needs, we can continue working with you to develop a product with our chemical etching, welding, and in-die tooling services. At TEC, we understand that some prototypes need to be approached differently for optimal production quality.

After we have successfully helped your realize your concept with our prototyping services, we hope you will have success in presenting that prototype and contact us for further services to continue your production process. If you need precision metal engineering services to render your idea into a 3-dimensional prototype, contact TEC for rapid prototyping services in Minneapolis, MN today.

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