Die Basics: Components of Die Types Used in Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

November 22, 2017

In the process of precision metal stamping and parts assembly, the many ...
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Lean Manufacturing Productivity for Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

October 31, 2017

At Thomas Engineering Company, we specialize in creating the best product ...
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In-Die Tapping and Off-Line Tapping

Thomas Engineering Company provides precision metal stamping throughout the United States and worldwide.

In the world of metal stamping, there are often several mechanical operations necessary to create a precision-crafted final product. Some of these operations can be off-line tapping and in-die tapping.

Generally, such additional precision detail work is taken “off-line,” meaning it’s not part of the initial metal stamping process. Typically, a metal component is stamped and then goes from the press to a different piece of equipment or third party provider to be tapped or otherwise customized.

At Thomas Engineering Company, however, it is possible to combine the stamping process with additional precision details, while the stamped component remains within the stamping die itself. These “in-die” processes, such as in-die tapping, can reduce the time and expense required to produce a finished metal stamping product.

Thomas Engineering Company possesses the required equipment to perform many “in-die” procedures, including in-die tapping, and we also have the knowledge, expertise and industry connections to provide off-line tapping to ensure our clients receive only the highest quality stamped metal components to fill their exact needs. Contact us today for all of your precision metal stamping needs.