Die Basics: Components of Die Types Used in Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

November 22, 2017

In the process of precision metal stamping and parts assembly, the many ...
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Lean Manufacturing Productivity for Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

October 31, 2017

At Thomas Engineering Company, we specialize in creating the best product ...
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Metal Stamping for Electronic Components

Thomas Engineering Company produces metal stamped electronic connectors for technology companies around the world.

As technology advances, electronic devices are decreasing in size while increasing in functionality and performance. Therefore, metal stamping components for electronic connectors require more precision and expertise than ever before. At Thomas Engineering Company, electronic connectors and close-tolerance parts have been a core specialty of ours since 1962. We'll work with you from design conception through production, providing high-quality, precision components.

Thomas Engineering Company is more than just a precision metal stamping specialist. We're thin-slotting leaders, with the ability to pierce slots less than half the thickness of the material. At speeds of up to 1,500 strokes per minute, we can consistently stamp and deliver millions of electronic parts per month.

Whether you need a prototype or a full-run manufacturing order, Thomas Engineering Company produces the highest quality electronic components and connectors in the industry. Our rapid prototyping service provides production-quality parts within 5-10 business days. Once you're ready for a full production order, we can ship your electronic connectors anywhere in the world.

Thomas Engineering Company is a leading innovator, developer and manufacturer of the highest-quality precision electronic metal stampings. For over five decades, we've specialized in micro-miniature and medium-sized stampings. The positive impact we'll have on your business is huge, so contact us today.