Using Optical Comparators with Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

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As a specialist in precision metal stamping and manufacturing, Thomas Engineering Company cuts no corners when it comes to the production process. Not only do we use the best tools, presses, punches, and machines available, we also utilize state of the art imaging, processing, and data gathering technology. With all our services in precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, including rapid prototyping and value-added services, we are able to offer our customers the quality parts they need.

One of the aspects of our production process that allows us to offer our customers such a high level of precision is our optical comparator technology.

Optical Comparators:

An optical comparator is a device that allows our technicians to inspect critical details of each part during the manufacturing process. By applying the principles of optics to a part magnification, these comparators tell our engineers and technicians a lot about the part in question.

These principles measure a magnification’s dimensions and geometry against a prescribed limit, and with our comparators’ data processing systems, we can get the information we need to produce the most precise and highest functioning part possible.

TEC’s Uses:

There are several different optical comparators we use, each in specific production processes for specific parts. These comparators have their own data processing software which provides our engineers and technicians with image analyses and measurement reports. In order to produce the quality and precision our customers need, we use comparators in the production of precision-stamped parts—including medical, automotive, and electrical parts—and many situations of rapid prototyping.

We use the following optical comparators, each installed with their own data processors, to ensure the most accurate, highest quality parts and prototype production:

Nikon 14” Horizontal Optical Comparator

Nikon 16” Vertical Optical Comparator

Deltronic 14” Vertical Optical Comparators

Deltronic 14” Horizontal Optical Comparators

Deltronic 16” Horizontal Optical Comparators

Gagemaster 22” Horizontal Optical Comparator

For more information about our optical comparators and precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact Thomas Engineering Company at 763.533.1501.


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