CAD/CAM Benefits for Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping in Minneapolis, MN

April 28th, 2016 · 3 Comments

At Thomas Engineering Company, we have been able to provide expert, quality parts production with both our precision metal stamping and rapid prototyping for the past 50 years. Our abilities in micro-miniature, miniature, medium-sized, and ultra-thin metal stampings are made possible in part because of our advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing systems (CAD/CAM) such as CADKEY and SOLIDWORKS. For state-of-the-art precision metal stamping and rapid prototyping in Minneapolis, MN, TEC production works with comprehensive imaging and data processing, as well as with expert manufacturing and experienced engineers.

Our CAD/CAM systems help us integrate the benefits of precision production, waste elimination, and troubleshooting in all stages of the manufacturing process.


Because CAD/CAM systems are designed to examine and process all dimensions and geometrical values of a part at any stage of the manufacturing process, they allow our engineers and technicians to alter and create the most accurate and precision-based design possible.

CAD/CAM is the ultimate troubleshooting technology, and it helps us keep the process streamlined without wasting energy down the line fixing unseen design flaws or part failures. Integrating this extreme level of precision also allows us to provide cost-effective production and accurate estimates in what a project might entail for our customers.


For jobs involving bulk orders of parts, our CAD/CAM systems help our engineers form an efficient, large-scale production environment. When we’re able to understand a part completely, we can create the optimal manufacturing process for rapid prototyping. Our CAD/CAM imaging and processing software allows us to streamline and organize our precision stamping, prototype production, design plans, manufacturing job roles, and more.

Production Quality:

With the highly improved levels of precision, efficiency, and organization that our CAD/CAM systems make possible, our engineers have complete control over virtually all aspects of the manufacturing process. As a result, TEC is able to offer customers excellent production quality for all parts and prototypes.

For more information about CAD/CAM used with our precision metal stamping and rapid prototyping in Minneapolis, MN, contact us at Thomas Engineering Company. Call us today at 763.533.1501.


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