Basic Terms and Techniques Used for Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

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Manufacturing industries across the U.S. provide the basic parts and materials for industries further along the supply chain, and despite the foundational qualities of the products that many manufacturing companies create, the design and production process is often just as complex and demands just as much research and attention as the process for products made by companies catering to the individual, public consumer. Thomas Engineering Company provides precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, and as such, falls in the industry between manufacturers providing raw materials and companies assembling parts or selling the final technology to the consumer.

Like most companies in the metal forming industry, we haven’t chosen an easy job. However, each day we strive to improve our designing and prototyping techniques, selected materials, and stamping operations. Some of the basic engineering and stamping functions we use to ensure quality are described with the following terms:

 Finite Element Analysis (FEA): In broad terms, FEA is a method of troubleshooting when it comes to part and prototype design by breaking down a complex equational analysis of part limitations into simpler and more applicable equations. This technique is commonly used in many fields of engineering and at several levels of manufacturing design. FEA allows for a better representation of geometry, material properties, localized effects, and a final solution.

 Lean Manufacturing: Just as it sounds, lean manufacturing aims to cut down on waste created during the production process. Today, lean manufacturing has become a highly-systematized methodology, beginning with the stability of production and ending with delivery and packaging costs. Waste related to excess burden, sporadic or disorganized workloads, and other man- or machine-related causes should be eliminated with a focus on lean manufacturing.

TEC uses the information gained from these systems and techniques, among many others, to produce the high quality, precision stamped parts our customers need. For more information about precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact Thomas Engineering Company at (763) 533-1501.

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