Why Robots Aren’t Everything For Metal Stamping In Minneapolis, MN

December 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

A growing concern for some in the stamping industry is the decreasing number of specialized jobs in the manufacturing process. The highly advanced machinery designed for precision stamping has replaced the human hand in most stages of production. There are, however, still many careers available in the industry, and without the people in these positions, Thomas Engineering Company would not be able to offer high quality precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN and across the U.S.

While machines are perfect for highly-efficient stamping and tooling on the production line, there are several jobs behind the scenes that only hardworking, intuitive people can fill.

Process engineers are critical for dictating the steps between a blank sheet of metal and a final stamped and altered part. Any mistakes in the progression of the metal could lead to a wasted blank or worse.

Die designers create the tools used in our stamping and cutting dies. They are responsible for the accurate prediction of how each blank sheet type will behave, the mechanical motion of the parts, and the amount of waste. They are also responsible for deciding which metal parts will require industrial powder coating in order to ensure long-lasting dies.

Diemakers work with die designers to construct the tool themselves. After assembly, diemakers are responsible for testing each die’s function and reliability.

Machinists work with designers and diemakers to cut components of a die from the chosen materials. They are responsible for the correct dimensions of each component. There are even services they rely on that provide Dimensional Inspection when extreme precision is needed, or when a particular part is being prototyped for mass production.

Maintenance technicians work on the production floor tending to any broken dies, cleaning and maintaining dies, and solving any problems with the machinery.

These metal stamping positions demand a trained mind, wise intuition, passion, and intelligence—in short, the people that fill these positions could never be replaced, even by today’s most advanced robotics and machinery.

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