Twelve Basic Operations for Metal Stamping In Minneapolis, MN

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Metal stamping is an old practice that has come far over the years, and many different operations can now be combined into a few stages called progressive stamping. Though progressive stamping uses multiple stations in a single tool, the process still relies on the basic functions of stamping. At Thomas Engineering Company, we use these basic operations in combination to manufacture premium metal stampings in Minneapolis, MN.

There are twelve standard functions involved in metal stamping when the more-complicated stages and in-die modifications are disassembled.

  1. Blanking: a piece of metal is cut from a sheet for a specific, blank shape ready for further alterations
  2. Bending: the metal is bent on a straight line for sharp angles
  3. Flanging: the metal is bent over a curve for softer undulations
  4. Drawing: a cut blank piece is stretched to change the shape without altering the stability of the material
  5. Ironing: the metal is pressed and stretched on a vertical surface (used in making cans and cartridge cases)
  6. Stretching: a blank is altered by increasing the surface area with tension, but there is no inward movement of the blank’s edges
  7. Necking: the diameter of a piece is gradually reduced (for example, in a tube or vessel-container)
  8. Embossing: a metal blank is pressed or stretched to form slight depressions and decorations\
  9. Coining: a piece is compressed into a shape and pattern (used in making coins)
  10. Curling: the metal is formed into a tube or tubular profile
  11. Hemming: a metal edge is folded over itself multiple times to increase thickness and eliminate sharp edges
  12. Piercing and Cutting: the metal is punctured or trimmed either during or after any other operations

These operations may seem simple, but they form the basis of all products made with metal stamping. In combination, these processes can create some of the most complex and durable parts in the engineering industry. For reliable metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact Thomas Engineering Company today.

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