Thomas Engineering Company, your high speed precision metal stamper, purchases new press.

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Thomas Engineering Company, your high speed precision metal stamping company, has added to their extensive range of Presses with a recent purchase of a brand new 30 ton Yamada Dobby High Speed High Precision Press. We believe in utilizing leading precision metal stamping presses. Yamada Dobby High Precision Press Machines have been working with remarkable results in the production of minute parts of high precision since 1961.

This is the second precision metal stamping press Thomas Engineering Company has purchased over the past year. The first  purchase in 2016 was a Bruderer Press (60 ton) and our newest Yamada Dobby Press (30 ton). As a result of this expansion, TEC has increased their capabilities to provide precision metal stamping products for a wider variety of industries. These are complemented with a comprehensive range of secondary processes including in die and off line tapping, in die spot welding, in die staking and mechanical assembly.

Thomas Engineering Company has supplied high reliability products for aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, medical, and telecommunications for more than five decades and has an extensive track record in providing precision metal stamping with the most demanding technical challenges.

What can we stamp for you? For more information please contact Thomas Engineering Company at (763) 533-1501 today.

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