Thomas Engineering Company in Minneapolis, MN Presents at 2015 BIOMEDevice Show in Boston

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The BIOMEDevice Show is a national trade show for innovative medical technology. Every spring, the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center hosts a series of conferences, exposés, and seminars revealing and highlighting the newest material science and cutting-edge manufacturing systems. Thomas Engineering Company in Minneapolis, MN was proud to join these giants of medical and industrial science at BIOMEDevice Boston 2015.

Thomas Engineering manufactures for a variety of markets needing metal parts, including electronic, automotive, and of course, medical. Our precision stamping systems for medical device components have allowed us to expand our abilities to provide our customers with an almost limitless range of rapid prototypes.

We also work with the highest quality materials tailored to fit the needs of any stamped, cut, or cast part. While our products are often used in medical devices in hospitals and surgery rooms, these parts can also play a part in the making of other technology on the floor of the BIOMEDevice Show.

Our products could even be used in the machines that go into the making of things like MTD Micro Molding Inc.’s micromolded parts or somewhere in the process that makes Photofabrication Engineering Inc.’s custom etched components, parts that are so tiny and durable they can fit inside the human body.

We work with such a wide range of parts—large and small, intricate and simple—that our products can provide for almost any other medical science exhibitor at BIODMEDevice Boston. We regularly make new prototypes and build on our old ideas to fit them to the rapidly growing medical technology. Our products often form the backbone of the manufacturing processes behind today’s medical innovation.

Thomas Engineering Company in Minneapolis, MN will also show at the San Jose BIOMEDevice Show on December 2-3, 2015. Check out more news on the 2015 Boston BIOMEDevice show, and find out more about the upcoming San Jose show.

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