Stainless Steel and Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN: The Perfect Ingredients for Quality Medical Parts

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The metal stamping industry has grown so exponentially over the past century that it now produces a significant number of parts in a wide range of industrial markets, from automotive to microelectronics and everything in between. The rapid advancements in stamping technology and design systems within the past 30 years has opened markets further to the production of precision-based metal stamped parts. At Thomas Engineering Company, we use today’s imaging and stamping technology to produce quality parts with precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN.

Our precision stamping capabilities allow our engineers and technicians to produce parts for the electronics, automotive, and medical industries. With our high precision abilities, we can use stainless steel to manufacture parts of optimal quality specific to the medical industry.

Stainless Steel

At TEC, parts made for the medical industry are stamped almost exclusively using stainless steel. For medical instruments in particular, stainless steel is the perfect material for its combination of several properties. Its strength and resistance to corrosion allows tools stamped with stainless steel to remain durable throughout medical procedures and exposure to frequent sterilization.

The surface of stainless steel also resists biological reactions, making it an optimal material to endure exposure to infections, viruses, and other biological matter.

TEC Precision

Medical instruments for surgery and other procedures must be able to be used in situations where exactness and intense accuracy is necessary. Often used in circumstances where a mishap could mean anything from a malpractice lawsuit to a matter of life or death, medical instruments need to be up to par. Our precision stamping production for the medical industry is able to meet the exacting requirements demanded of medical parts.

For more information about the industries we serve and medical parts made with precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact Thomas Engineering Company at (763) 533-1501.

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