Quality Assurance for Parts Production and Rapid Prototyping in Minneapolis, MN

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With many metal stamping companies operating in the Minneapolis metro area, it may be difficult to choose which company is the best to work with your needs. At Thomas Engineering Company, we hold our standards for product, material, and service quality high. We are proud to provide quality assurance for all our customers for engineering, metal stamping, delivery, and rapid prototyping in Minneapolis, MN.

Our quality assurance for production and excellent customer service allows us to provide TEC customers with the best materials and production equipment available, learn more here. TEC’s unsurpassed quality assurance is made possible by utilizing the following attributes of our production and service systems:

TEC is an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer, a status we’ve earned with our documented and proven Quality System. Independently audited, this system guarantees the consistent production of reliable, precise, quality parts and prototypes.

Customers benefit from our use of non-contact programmable visual systems. Not only do these systems make our job easier and enhance our overall control over the production of parts and prototypes, non-contact systems also allow the constant monitoring of products and projected quality. With their virtually-instant generation of statistical data and production details, these systems eliminate human error and help us provide our customers with the highest quality available in the industry.

Specialized integrated Statistical Process Control (SPC) software is another aspect of our production that adds to our quality assurance for parts and prototypes at TEC. SPC software uses data created with our visual systems to provide our engineers and technicians with statistics and reports for TEC’s reference during production and our customer’s own reference for the part functional abilities.

Our quality assurance also means that with all our parts production and rapid prototyping, TEC always uses the highest grade raw materials available, specific to part demands.

With excellent customer service and our just-in-time” delivery pledge built into the quality assurance package, TEC is able to meet all our customers’ needs and schedule requirements.

We take pride in our ability to offer our customers the best quality assurance service and production packages in the Minneapolis metro area.

For more information about our quality assurance for parts production and rapid prototyping in Minneapolis, MN, contact Thomas Engineering Company at 763.533.1501 today.


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