The Governor’s Safety Award and the Importance of Maintenance and Procedure with Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

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On May 18th, 2017, at the Governor’s Safety Award Luncheon, Thomas Engineering Company will be recognized for excellence in workplace safety. We take pride in our continued commitment to safety and place considerable workplace value in our constant efforts to strengthen protection for our employees with our emphasis on providing quality parts to our customers. As an industry leader in precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, Thomas Engineering Company takes responsibility for outstanding practices in safety on and off the production floor.

Safety and protection for our employees in the workplace stems from two main aspects of the metal stamping mantra. These are two values core to TEC production:


  1. Daily/routine cleaning is a fundamental, yet simple step in continued maintenance of the workspace. Ensuring the production floors, general workspace, and machines are cleaned thoroughly each day is important to furthering the protection of our workers.
  2. Necessary regular machine care also falls into the basic maintenance of TEC production floors. This includes cleaning, oiling, and general care.
  3. Preventative machine maintenance is crucial to keeping our workers safe from failing machinery and damaged tools.
  4. Routine checkups on all areas of the production floor throughout the building allow us to keep an eye out for any potential dangers to our employees.
  5. Safeguarding machinery is a long-valued industry practice that has kept workers safe in many instances from the everyday dangers of production.
  6. Emergency brakes fall into the safeguarding category, but they’re important on their own as a final resort to keeping workers safe from anything that may go wrong with the equipment we use at TEC.


  1. Machine usage can make or break a safety atmosphere. The correct usage of all machinery is significant in protecting employees throughout each workday.
  2. General safety regulations for workers is not something we take lightly at TEC. All employees undergo extensive safety procedure training at regular intervals each year.
  3. Safeguarding workers is just as important as safeguarding machinery. We make sure our workers are equipped with the best personal protective equipment available to the industry.
  4. Routine building and production inspections continue the trend of preventative maintenance and shop upkeep. Regulated inspections are important for revealing key information about the function of the production floor, our machinery, and the building as a whole.
  5. Routine inspections for workers also offer crucial information about the safety of our employees and the effectiveness of our safety training, safety regulations, and protective clothing.
  6. Job roles also play a strong part in keeping our workers safe. The clear designation of a job role simplifies the safety procedures for each employee and allows TEC to continue running smoothly as a precision metal stamping company.

For more information about Thomas Engineering Company and our abilities in precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact us at (763) 533-1501, or join us at the Minneapolis Convention Center on May 18th for the awards program with the Minnesota Safety Council.

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