Common Automotive Parts Made With Metal Stamping In Minneapolis, MN

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Trains, automobiles, planes, and even the machines that put these things together have hundreds of metal parts from big to small and sturdy to fragile. At Thomas Engineering Company, we produce an extensive array of automotive parts in standard production or specialized prototyping with our engineered metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN.

Some of the most important parts of a car, truck, or bus come off our production lines, including the parts that guarantee your safety and the engine’s function. The following are some common automotive parts produced with metal stamping technology.

In the braking system, metal stamped parts include anti-lock brake systems (ABS), parking brakes, foundation brakes, brake modules and ECUs, grommets, covers, and caps.

Metal stamped parts are also vital in forming the transmission and chassis in a vehicle. These parts include rotary valves, valve bodies, inlets, seals, actuators, and piston stampings.

The emissions and pollution control systems of a vehicle also include important parts made with metal stamping technology. For example, oxygen sensors and sensor wire harnesses, EGR, and urea injection and shields.

Without metal stamped parts, most cars would not have fuel injection technology, including fuel rails and pumps, direct injection, fittings, injector cups, caps, shells, and housings.

Metal stamped parts are also used in cooling systems for thermostats, fittings, connectors and housings, and shells and flanges.

 Without metal stamped parts, your vehicle would not have air bags to keep you safe in the event of a crash. Air bag safety systems use stamped inflators, diffusers, modules, and initiators.

Metal stamped parts are integral in the electrical system, often forming the housing and armatures of the motor, the sockets, reflectors, and shields of the lighting systems, and many sensor housings and core tubes.

Without metal stamping technology, most cars would lack the parts necessary for safe function of the brakes, motor, cooling system, fuel injection, and transmission. Not to mention the luxuries of air bags, lights, sensors, and emission control. At Thomas Engineering Company, we provide metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN and offer critical automotive parts off of our production line.

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