Benefits of Just-In-Time Delivery Systems with Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

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The metal stamping industry supplies parts to many industries producing directly to the public consumer. Electronic, automotive, medical, and other industries make use of the metal stamping supply chain on a daily basis to manufacture their finished products for the market. These industries must rely upon the companies that produce the stamped parts they need, and the promise that these companies will consistently provide the parts without delays or other complications. Thomas Engineering Company offers all the advantages of Just-In-Time delivery for all parts produced with our precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN.


Just-In-Time delivery is a system that ensures the parts a company needs to continue meeting their manufacturing deadlines are produced, packaged, and shipped with exact specifications to their schedule. This is beneficial for several reasons:


  • Warehouse Cost: Just-In-Time delivery can significantly reduce various costs that our clients might incur. Most of these expenses come from warehouses storing extra inventory. Just-In-Time delivery opens up storage space because the part that may be needed is just a phone call away.
  • Supply Chain Management: Our Just-In-Time delivery model also helps to streamline the supply chain process, allowing our clients to boost production efficiency. Because parts are readily available to our clients with Just-In-Time delivery, this diminishes time and energy spent on supply chain management and provides parts more directly to the manufacturing floors using material handling equipment.
  • Waste: In traditional methods of production, where large inventories of parts are stored as backup and unsold items are accumulated, there is a significant amount of wasted time, material, and expense. With the Just-In-Time delivery system, companies can manufacture based on direct demand, reducing the waste involved in attempting to predict the demand of their products.
  • Customer Service: Of course, our Just-In-Time delivery vastly improves the interaction between TEC’s customer service department and our clients. This model of supply and demand eliminates the majority of miscommunications and inefficiencies, leaving our clients satisfied and the process expertly resolved.


Overall, our Just-In-Time delivery system allows our staff and clients to have greater control throughout the process of ordering, producing, and supplying parts. For more information about our Just-In-Time delivery and our services in precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact Thomas Engineering Company today at (763) 533-1501.

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